About the project:
This is an ad we made for an imaginary sports brand. Yes, you have read it correctly! Imaginary, meaning non existent! We are hoping to get projects that we really want to do by doing projects for an imaginary client. We are hoping Nike, Adidas, Gatorade, Spalding, Speedo and other sports brand would be able to see this and if you are one of them please give us a chance! 

This project is a mix of 2d and 3d. The net is made in Cinema 4D while all other assets are in 2d. We also designed the characters to be minimalistic but have a realistic proportion. By using camera angles, we were able to give it a more cinematic feel. 

Studio : Plainly Simple Studios
Creative Director : Marvin Te
Design and Illustration : Ann Megg Arbotante
Animation : Julie Jay Septimo
Camera and Lighting : Marvin Te
Sound Design : Albert Ryan Villamor
Animation Tests
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