About the project:
The goal of this project is to tell the audience what ARROW is, what they do and what they have achieved so far. Instead of a powerpoint like list or infographics to show it, we have opted for a more unique way of showing it. The idea was to have ARROW as a person, who starts as a child and grows into a mature woman. The whole video is also being narrated by ARROW. This way we can creatively show what are the thoughts of the organization, what is their mission and the vision.

Client : ARROW
Production : Plainly Simple Studios
Creative Director : Marvin Te
Project Manager : Jerrick Mosot
Design : Ann Megg Arbotante
Script Draft : Marvin Te
Storyboard : Bea Jimenez
Animation : Marvin Te/Julie Jay Septimo/Gilbert Siega/Albert Ryan Villamor/Tirso Tan Jr.
Illustration : Ann Megg Arbotante/Bea Jimenez/Paul Crooks/Marco Deligero/Lyka Baliwag/Jerrick 
Sound Design : Albert Ryan Villamor

Style Frames
When we designed the character ARROW, we tried different takes. One request from the client is to make the character multicultural or race neutral. So we ended up using a skin color that is purple. Also as ARROW grows up, her skin color changes this is to address diversity.
Animation Tests
The style of animation we used in this project is the combination of 2D and 3D. We wanted the overall look and motion to be dynamic so we used 3D for the background and 2D for the characters. 
Thank you for viewing!
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