About the project is an online platform that connects the students, teachers and parents. The students get an online reviewer platform and they can buy the answers, the teacher can post questions and earn if their answers are bought, and the parents get an intuitive analytics for the progress of their children. The challenge we've had with this project is how to compress those 3 perspective into 1 short video. This project could have easily been a 3 separate explainer video but we want to make it short and concise. We wanted to tell a story that was coherent and relevant.

Production : Plainly Simple
Creative Director : Marvin Te
Project Manager : Jerrick Mosot
Concept Design : Ann Megg Arbotante and Bea Jimenez
Storyboard : Marvin Te
Script : Marvin Te
Character and Background Design : Bea Jimenez
Character Animation Director : Jay Septimo
Designers : Ann Megg Arbotante, Bea Jimenez, Paul Crooks, Marco Deligero, Tirso Tan Jr. and Lyka Baliwag
Animators: Gil Siega, Jay Septimo, and Jonell Longjas
Sound Design : Redhorse Studio

Character Designs
Some Sketches
Animation Tests
Thanks for viewing and appreciating!
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